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Hello, If you're looking to learn a little 'more about our church, this is the right place!

Some news about our church

# It was founded in 2004 by a group of seven people, most of whom are still involved in its management.

# It is an evangelical Christian church (some even call us "Protestant"). Churches like ours are a really small minority in Italy.

# It was born as a non-denominational church, giving home to many belivers coming from various  evangelical denominations.

# Even if it doesn't belong directly to any denomination, it's linked to the Italian Baptist Union.

# It is a member of the Italian Evangelical Alliance, as we believe in co-operation between all Protestant Churches in Italy, whatever the denomination, size, age structure or social stratum, in order to reach the hearts of the people who do not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus.

# Through our presence in this province we want to:

  • Promote reconciliation between God and men, so that everyone can have at least a possibility in their lives to hear the Gospel.
  • Equip those who join us, so that they can be effective in their personal witness of Christ, making the most of their natural abilities.
  • Assist the poor, through concrete actions, so that they can see the love of Christ acting in their lives and not just hear about it.
  • Care for the sick, because people experiencing care and healing praise Jesus who helped them in need.
  • Equipping the next generation, because our sons and daughters reside in our future
# Our goal is to grow both in the knowledge of God's grace that saves, and in number, because each person you talk to about Jesus and who agrees to follow him is saved.

# Our goal is to establish other sister churches in our province, so that in every town there is a church witnessing to non-believers.
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